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AS Coursework

This is the AQA version closing after June 2019. Visit the the version for Eduqas instead.

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These pages give examples of the type of work you need to do for each section of your project and report.

The examples come from many different projects. They can not be combined to make an AS Report!

The codes like Aa, Bd, Cb are used for marking your work. These are each worth 2 marks if you complete them properly and don't leave out important work.

Section A is for planning, design and most importantly - write a good specification including planned tests.
Section B is for building subsystems, testing the inputs and outputs and explaining how the subsystems work.
Section C is for testing the complete circuit and most importantly - complete the planned tests from your specification.
Section D - Make sure you have a good Bibliography. Otherwise no more writing is needed but marks are given for ...

AS Ideas

Projects must solve a problem. Projects must contain at least three active devices.

Some Recent AS Project Titles

  • Amplifier Overload Prevention
  • Audible Seatbelt Warning Device
  • Audible Warning when a Door is Opened
  • Audio Amplifier Overload Detector
  • Audio Amplifier with Bass and Treble Control
  • Audio Phasing Effect
  • Automatically Turn On Car Headlights with a Buzzer Alert
  • Bath Water Level Sensor
  • Battery Voltage Tester - Audible Output
  • Board Game Random Number Generator
  • Capacitance Meter
  • Car Alarm
  • Cat Food Dispenser
  • Combination Lock
  • Computer Cooling Fan
  • Computer Fan Controller with Overheat Alarm
  • Control a the Temperature of a Greenhouse
  • Cooling Fan for Xbox 360
  • Count Model Car Laps
  • Dalek Sound Effect
  • Disable a Smoke Alarm for xxx Minutes
  • Door Mat Pressure Mat Alarm
  • Door Not Closed Alarm
  • Door Open Alarm
  • Doorbell with Sound Effect
  • Egg Timer
  • Egg Timer with Buzzer
  • Electronic Dice with a Seven Segment Display
  • Fish Bite Alarm
  • Fish Tank Temperature Controller
  • Game Show Buzzer System with Contestant Recognition
  • Garage Intruder Alarm
  • Greenhouse Heater Controller
  • Greenhouse Light Sensor with Alarm
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Fish Tank Light Control
  • Frozen Road Alarm
  • Headlights - Alarm to Tell a Driver to Turn on the Headlights
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Human Reaction Timer
  • Ice Alarm for a Car Driver
  • Intruder Detector
  • LED Pulsing Lights
  • Left and Right Indicators for a Bike Including Sound
  • Light Activated Rear Cycle LED Lights
  • Metronome
  • Moped Speed Limit Warning
  • Motion Sensing Security Light
  • Music from a 4017 chip
  • Overheating Fish Tank Alarm
  • Pelican Crossing Lights Controller
  • Refrigerator Temperature Alarm
  • Remove Vocals from Stereo Music
  • Seismograph
  • Sending Text Over an Audio Link
  • Sending Music or Data Over a Light Beam
  • Sending Music or Data Over an Infra-red Beam
  • Sending Music or Data Over an Ultrasound Beam
  • Small Animal Detector / Trigger a Trap or Camera
  • Smoke Alarm - (didn't work well)
  • Sound Activated Switch
  • Sound to Light Converter
  • Sparring Round Timer
  • Speedometer
  • Street Light Controller
  • Temperature Based Fan
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Timed Parking Lights
  • Timed Porch Light
  • Timed Stair Lights
  • Timer up to 99 Minutes
  • Traffic Lights Controller
  • Two Way Intercom
  • Ultrasonic Proximity Alarm
  • Visual Door Bell for the Hearing Impaired
  • Vivarium Temperature Controller
  • Warn the Driver if the Headlights Should be On

Practical Investigations

Not all the projects above have obvious or sensible practical investigations.
Here are some fairly straightforward practical investigations that might be useful in some of the projects ...

  1. How loud does the sound need to be?
  2. What is the output voltage of the Electret microphone for normal speech?
  3. What is the best buzzer audio frequency to use?
  4. What is the resistance of the LDR at XXXX Lux?
  5. What value is XXXX Lux?
  6. What is the resistance of the Thermistor at XXXX degrees?
  7. How long does it take to boil an egg?

More Project Ideas

Measure Temperature And ...

Measure The Light Level And ...

Build a Timer To ...

Build an Astable ...

Build a Sound Sensor And ...

Use Switches And Logic to ...

Measure resistance To ...

Measure Time To ...

Measure Voltage To ...

Build Amplifier Circuit/s ...

Other Ideas - Hard to Classify




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