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mbed Microcontroller

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Non-Exam Extras

The mbed ARM Microcontroller

The mbed website is well worth a visit, just for the videos!

This USB connected microcontroller is based on the ARM chip which is used in most hand-held portable devices like phones, music players and GPS systems.

When connected, it appears as a USB disk drive so no drivers are needed to get started.

The on-line help looks clear and usable; a rare and most welcome feature.

For beginner's tasks, the development tools are on-line so schools and colleges don't need their IT support team to install stuff. Sweet! More advanced features like connecting to mbed with a terminal emulator needs a driver installing (only if you run Windows).

There are digital and analogue inputs and outputs. The analogue I/O is fast enough to process audio effects like echo.

Right now, at just under £50, this device is too expensive to replace our Picaxe boards but it looks really interesting.





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