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A2 Coursework

This is the AQA version closing after June 2019. Visit the the version for Eduqas instead.

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What's New in A2

A2 topics such as microcontroller programming or communications techniques should be included.

It's a higher standard and more effort is needed to get good marks.

  1. You need to JUSTIFY the Numbers in your Specification.
    My circuit will run on 12 to 14 Volts BECAUSE
         the 555 chip can run on 4.5 to 15V - see data sheet
         the Picaxe board can run in 8 to 14 V but it has a built-in voltage regulator giving 5 V
         the 8 to 10 Volt range can not be used easily because the power supply minimum voltage is 12V
    My sounder will be louder than 60dB BECAUSE
         in my practical investigation the background noise level was 55dB and my sounder needs to be louder than this.
  2. Measurement Accuracy is now important.
         You need to know and report on the accuracy of your measuring instruments.
    Measurement Records should look like this ...
         The measured frequency was 500 ± 25 Hz
         The Zener voltage was 5 V ± 2%
         These accuracy level need to be sensible and JUSTIFIED. You can't just make them up.
  3. You need to do
         a much more detailed EVALUATION
         based on EVIDENCE
         from the SPECIFICATION
         and your TESTING.
    To get good marks all four of these elements must be done well.

These pages give examples of the type of work you need to do for each section of your project and report.

The examples come from many different projects. They can not be combined to make an A2 Report!

The codes like Aa, Bd, Cb are used for marking your work. These are each worth 2 marks if you complete them properly and don't leave out important work.

Section A is for planning, design and most importantly - write a good specification including planned tests.
Section B is for building subsystems, testing the inputs and outputs and explaining how the subsystems work.
Section C is for testing the complete circuit and most importantly - complete the planned tests from your specification.
Section D - Make sure you have a good Bibliography. Otherwise no more writing is needed but marks are given for ...

A2 Project Ideas

This is a list of project titles collected over the last few years from ELEC6 students.


  • Decibel Meter
    • LCD / OLED Display
    • Seven Segment Displays
  • Festive Doorbell Tune
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Sound to Light Effect Generator
  • Ultrasound Movement Detection

Data Logging

  • Data Logging Light Meter
  • Data Logging Seismograph


  • D20 Role Playing Game Die
  • Die
    • LCD / OLED
    • Seven Segment
    • LED Pattern
  • Light Flash Sequence - Human Memory Game
  • Two Dice
    • LCD / OLED
    • Seven Segment

Heterodyne Mixer Circuits

  • Dalek Effect
  • Receive Double Sideband Ultrasound
  • Transmit Double Sideband Ultrasound


  • Capacitance Meter (works well - nice project)
  • Human Reaction Timer
  • Inductance Meter (very hard to make this work)
  • Multimeter (Difficult to do well)
  • Ultrasound Distance Measurement
    • OLED / LCD Display
    • Seven Segment Display

Light Measurement

  • Forgot to Turn Off Lights - Driver Warning
  • LUX Meter
  • Measure Light Level and Control Greenhouse Lighting
  • Motorised Sun Tracking for Photovoltaic Panels
  • Programmable Porch Light
  • Turn On Lights - Driver Warning

Modulated Communication Links

  • Infrared Beam Audio Link (Through Air)
  • Infrared Beam Data Link (Fibre Optic)
  • Light Beam Audio Link (Through Air)
  • Light Beam Data Link (Fibre Optic)
  • Ultrasound Audio Link
  • Ultrasound Data Link

Other Ideas

  • Decode and Use Remote Control Data
  • Morse Code Generator

Pulse Width Modulation

  • Microcontroller Based Light Dimmer
  • PWM Motor Speed Control


  • AM Radio Receiver with Automatic Gain Control
  • HF Radio Down Converter
  • UHF Radio Linked Servo Control
  • UHF Radio Linked Zone Alarm


  • Combination Lock
  • PIN Unlock
  • Quiz - Who Pressed First


  • Computer Fan Speed Measurement and Control
    • LCD Display
    • OLED Display

Temperature Measurement

  • Aquarium Temperature Alert
  • Digital Thermometer
    • with an Audible Low Temperature Warning
    • Seven Segment Displays
    • LCD or OLED Display
  • Ice Probable - Driver Warning
  • Temperature Dependent Computer Fan Controller
    • Analogue Voltage Fan Control
    • LCD Display
    • No Display
    • OLED Display
    • Pulsed Fan Speed Control


  • Millisecond Stop Watch - Optical Activation
  • Programmable Egg Timer
  • Programmable Marine Buoy Timer
  • Traffic Lights with Sensors




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