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GCSE Coursework

This is the AQA version closing after June 2019. Visit the the version for Eduqas instead.

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These pages give examples of the type of work you need to do for each section of your project and report.

The examples come from many different projects. They can not be combined to make a GCSE Report!

The codes like A1, B3, C5 are used for marking your work. Most of these are worth 2 marks if you complete them properly and don't leave out important work.

Section A is for planning, design and most importantly - write a good specification including planned tests.
Section B is for building subsystems, testing the inputs and outputs and explaining how they work.
Section C is for testing the complete circuit and most importantly - complete the planned tests from your specification.
Section D - no more writing is needed but marks are given for ...

GCSE Project Ideas

Projects must solve a problem.
Projects must contain at least one active device.

Amplifier Ideas

Astable Ideas

Astable Alarms and Sounds

Comparator Ideas

Counting Ideas

Monostable Ideas


Radio Ideas




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